Information quoted from various sites.

"Artificial intelligence has been significantly expanded. We have seen it after the demo, thanks to a developer’s team, which give us the pleasure to show us several programs. The first program "who's the witch?" allows, by entering physical criteria, to ensure that a group identifies the "witch," the person who best fits the criteria. This will allow to make the social relations and the system of preferences richer. A second program illustrates the richness of the Sims' paintings: each creation will be unique. Another program showing a Sims' neighborhood in two dimensions (a map of all the lots, all Sims are moving points on the map) show us new interactions, as criticizing the decoration of a house or a family ("your mother is a llama"), but also how when we play a neighborhood could evolve. About the relocations due to births, the new relationship between the neighbors. Also thanks to this last simulation program, we found that an action may currently been extended over time drag the icon representing it."



"The Sims 3 should make it easier than ever to create the perfect look for your artificial family.  The range of facial features under your control has been improved, and benefits from new developments in technology.  Your Sims’ perfect skin appears to scatter the light better, while hairstyles move out of a conditioner advert.  There’s even an ‘Asian-ness’ slider.  And yes, we would.   All of them."

-PC Gamer Magazine


"The Sims 3 Is NOT just another Sims Game. Its NOT The Sims 2.5. It IS a BOLD STEP FORWARD, A reimagining from the ground up of what a "people simulator" can and should be."

-Games For Windows Magazine Editor In Chief Jeff Green

"To advance in this career, a scenario is about raising campainfunds. So this means you need to organize a fundraising party and ask money from the guests. The amount of money will decide if you succeed or not. Succes in a scenario can mean a promotion, better jobperformance or a raise. In this career, you can eventually become mayor and if you perform lousy, angry citizens may parade in front of city hall, shouting and carrying banners."

-Unknown Source