Top 10 Reasons to be Excited About The Sims 3

Thank you Jamesasim4u from the Sims 2 BBS!

10: The 10th reason to be excited is that from the looks of the pictures there will be many new and exciting additions to the build mode. Everything from curved paths to new roof types can be seen in the many screenshots already released.

09: There is now more body shapes in game! CAS has sliders for how fat you want your Sim and how muscular resulting in unlimited combinations!

08: Along with the sliders for weight comes the fact that the Sims look more real. With better Animations comes the fact that your Sims will move in a more natural way.

07: Your Sims show facial emotions. One screenshots shows an outdoor loving Sims jogging looking like she’s having a great time being outside!

06: Now instead of picking on a slider between messy and neat Sims have traits which are words describing their personality. They then act accordingly based on the traits you select for them. Also traits are passed down from parent to child and the things a mother does while pregnant will help to decide the traits for her baby.

05: Your Sims can now do more things for themselves.

04: A more advanced AI system is included in the Sims 3. Each Sim will have things that they enjoy doing and will react accordingly/ if you have 2 Sims in a room and one of them likes to watch TV but the other one doesn't then the two of them will fight over the TV.

03: The lighting effects in the Sims 3 look more real. Light will cast shadows and the sun light will come through the windows like it would in real life!

02: Seamless Neighborhood it’s about time! Your Sims now live in a seamless, living, breathing, ever changing neighborhood. You can go across the street and spy on the girl of your dreams or you can go on a stroll throughout downtown without ever hitting a load screen!

01: Now because of the seamless Neighborhood all your Sims grow up at the same time. Now it’s possible to create a lasting relationship from birth without ever having to worry about any age of consent laws!