Information from Gamestar Magazine

  When moving from one house to another and from one house to the city, Sims 3 will no longer experience any loading time.

2.  Objects now have the ability to be placed in 45° angles

3.  The AI engine in The Sims 3 has been completely revised.  Sims will now also take the following points into consideration. Sims will make a decision if something is appropriate before performing an action. Such an event is: A Sim will no longer open the door in their underwear; they will first change before opening the door for their visitor.

4.  EA has taken the players into consideration in the development, and when the game is released it will not require high end graphics as with other games. Although graphics will not be able to be the bare minimum, they will not be extremely high.

5.  Rod Humble has confirmed that The Sims 3 is currently about 60% complete.

6.  Sims 3 will now also support Asian Skin Tones.

7.  Transition between Day and Night will no longer be noticeable. The game will slowly progress the light from Day to Night.

8.  Sims are able to spread gossip around the neighborhood

9.  Sims will now have a likening to certain things such as favorite Food, Color & Music.