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Finally, The Sims 3

The Sims 3 is without any doubt, the game more waited in all the Universe Sim and it has been a really privilege for us travel to San Francisco and see it in action. The best secret has been discovered and The Sims 3 is going to be a real revolution! We are sure that you will like it because the producer team has made it thinking in all the players: it will have an excellent aspect, it will include much new interactions and changes after listen millions of players.

Realism and Freedom:

We are going to start telling you a thing that everybody were waiting: now Sims will be able to walk freedom around the city, meet friends in a disco and do actions in all the buildings and lots. Walking down the streets it will happens thing as meet a old friend, someone will be able to offer you a job or you will be able to do a demonstration in the town. The houses and the streets are designing with a big realism: you will see move the leaves by the wind, you will avoid the cars and you will enjoy beautiful sunsets.

The needs will be less important than in The Sims 2: you won’t preocupate so much about your Sim hygiene or his bladder. The five traits of personality will be more than 80! Kleptomaniac, perfectionist, reckless, paranoid, genius,… You will be able to shake it and see the results. For example, if you create a romantic kleptomaniac and virtuous Sim, he will spend his time stealing the wallet of his girlfriends!

Change... All Things!

EA knows that the success of the game are the fans and the million of objects, lots, clothes and other creations that are on the Internet. Because it, The Sims 3 will include a lot of tools to create new things.

5 tips for dream:

Freedom movements
Your Sims will be able to walk around the city, go to buy in a supermarket, meet with his girlfriend in a restaurant, visit her friends, go to get job…

Sims more humans
A lot of skins, personalize hairstyles and shoes, select his favourite colour, music and salutes.

Realistic personalities
More than 80 traits of personality to select to create Sims very differents.

Easy and potent tools
A lot of tools to edit hairstyles, clothes, furniture, shoes,… It will be able to change the textures and the materials of the clothes or the objects with a simple clic. The creations will be more easy for exchange and download.

New game mode
The needs will be less importants than the needs in The Sims 2 and the game will be based on objectives.

Start to Dream:

This is only the commence, there are a million of things to tell you about The Sims 3 enough: Will you see you Sim working? Will you be able to use the houses, lots, skins, objets of The Sims 2 on The Sims 3? Theme are doubts that we are going to answer in next articles on our magazine, until Spring 2009 when The Sims 3 will go on sale, so see you soon!