Information from SnootySims

Adversarial — Competitive                           

Artistic — High skill in creating art

Athletic  — A very active person              

Brave —  Shows a lot of courage

Charismatic — High charm/appeal to others  

Childish — Behaving immature

Clumsy — Lacking dexterity or grace     

Commitment Issues — Avoidance of long-term partnership and/or marriage

Conversationalist — Talks a lot and is good in conversations        

Cursed — Has some sort of divine harm

Daredevil — A reckless person       

Dreamer — Lives in a world of imagination

Easily Bored — Easily uninterested in things  

Evil — Has a bad character and does bad things

Excitable — Easy to get into action or excitement or reacting to stimuli    

Family Orientated — Emotionally directed to family

Flirty — Showing interest or liking in other person     

Friendly — Generally warm, approachable and easy to relate with

Frugal — Economical, avoiding to waste anything       

Genius — Possesses extraordinary intelligence or skill

Gloomy — Lacking in promise or hopefulness    

Good — Favorable character or tendency

Good Sense of Humor — Is very comical or amusing    

Green Thumb — A natural skill for gardening

Grumpy — Unhappy and/or irritable        

Handy — Clever in using their hands in a variety of useful ways

Hot-Headed — Easily angered

Hydrophobic  — Fear of water

Idealistic — Prefers ideals before practical considerations

Inappropriate — Behavior not suitable for the situation

Insensitive — Lacking feeling or tact           

Kleptomaniac — One who steals compulsively

Light Sleeper — Is easily wakened       

Loner — Avoiding the company of others

Lucky — Is favored by luck      

Mooch — To wander around aimlessly

Natural Cook — Good cook or cooking with organic ingredients       

Neat — A habit of being clean and orderly

Nosy — Prying or curious in other's affairs     

Outdoors person — Likes to spends much time outdoors

Over-Emotional — Intense emotion or full of passion     

Paranoid — Exhibiting extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others

Partier — To attend or give parties        

Perfectionist — Having extremely high standards

Pizza Lover — Likes pizza a lot         

Playful — Likes playing, prone to play frequently

Romantic — Emotional appeal of heroic, adventurous, mysterious, or idealized  

Rude — Offensive in manner or action

Schmoozer — Chatting friendly and persuasive to gain favors        

Shy — A timid reserve and disinclined to familiar approach

Slob— A lazy and sloppy person       

Unforgiving — Unwilling or unable to forgive

Unlucky — Unfortunate, marked by misfortune  

Vegetarian — Does not eat animal flesh or no animal products at all

Whiny — Tends to whine or complain   

Workaholic — A compulsive worker

Worrywart — A person who is inclined to worry excessively